I-See. Now every road is worth remembering.

Save 5% fuel with I-See

Lower fuel consumption by 5%.
Just activate the cruise control.

Combine I-Shift and the GPS with an intelligent cruise control, and you get I-See. It’s a unique system that learns the topography of the road and stores it in a central database. When you’re driving, it automatically uses its knowledge to save fuel – up to 5% during a driving cycle (when I-Cruise is engaged the whole time).

I-See cloud function

Wherever you are,
you can get help from the cloud.

I-See doesn’t rely on maps. Since reality tends to be more accurate, it memorises the actual slopes instead. And now you don’t have to have travelled the route before to save fuel. The new version of I-See stores all hills in a database free for all other trucks to use. As long as someone has travelled the route before, I-See can download the data and start saving fuel immediately. So you might even save some on your very first trip in your new Volvo FH.

How it works

How I-See works

1. Before the uphills: taking off.
When I-See knows an uphill is coming, it lets the speed increase, approaching the upper speed limit, to gain momentum. The truck stays longer in a higher gear.

2. On the uphills: keeping from downshifting.
When climbing, I-See uses its stored knowledge to avoid unnecessary downshifts towards the top. You approach the crest smoothly without wasting fuel in a lower gear at the top of the climb..

3. On the crests: staying calm.
When approaching a downhill, I-See keeps the truck from accelerating unnecessarily.

4. Before the downhill: rolling on.
Just before the slope, the driveline temporarily disengages, allowing the truck to roll. This saves energy and minimises the need for braking.

5. On the downhills: braking in time.
I-See knows when the slope ends. Thus, when gaining speed downhill, it can apply the engine brake gently in time – rather than abruptly at the end – to prepare for the upcoming topography.

6. In the hollows: some extra momentum.
When a downhill is followed by an immediate uphill, I-See really comes to its own. It lets the truck roll, gaining speed and momentum to climb uphill with less effort.