Individual front suspension. Car-like handling.

Individual front suspension. Car-like handling.

It's common on cars. But Volvo FH is the first serially-produced heavy truck ever to be available with individual front suspension. The benefits in terms of handling are huge.

Let's take a closer look.

Straight road handling

When the road is straight, so is your course.

The truck keeps its course perfectly. Every roughness is absorbed individually by the front wheels, sticking like glue to the road. You can even run over pot holes and bumps without noticing.


Corner handling

Handles every corner perfectly.

Individual front suspension makes Volvo FH really hug the curves and turns. With precise control and both wheels firmly on the ground, you might even forget it’s a truck you’re driving.


Truck roll stability

Roll forward. Never sideways.

Forget wobbling your way down the highway. The high roll stability makes the truck steady like a train. You feel safe and totally in command, even at higher speeds..

Available configurations
Individual front suspension is available for 4×2 and 6×2 configurations and has a load capacity of 8.5 tonnes. For the ultimate driving experience, it can now also be combined with Volvo Dynamic Steering.

How it works

How individual front suspension works

1. Upper wishbone, lower wishbone
Double-wishbone design, letting the wheels move vertically independently of each other.

2. Rack and pinion steering
Puts you in direct contact with the wheels. There is virtually no slack – the truck responds immediately to your steering-wheel movements.

3. Cross members
Handle the stabilising job, normally done by the front axle.

4. Air bellow
Absorbs shocks and controls the vertical movement for comfortable suspension.