Specifications for the new Volvo FL

On this page, you find:

  • Model combinations
  • Chassis height
  • Front suspension
  • Engines
  • Cabs
  • Equipment packages

Model combinations

Gross Vehicle Weight Wheels Chassis height Engine Front axle load Rear axle load
12 t 17.5" Low D5K 4.5 t 8.5 t
12 t 19.5" Medium D8K 4.5/5.0 t 8.5 t
14 t 19.5" Medium D8K 5.0/5.8 t 9.5 t
16 t 19.5" Medium D8K 5.8 t 10.9 t
12 t 22.5" High D8K 5.0 t 9.2 t
14 t 22.5" High D8K 5.6 t 9.5/10.6 t
16 t 22.5" High D8K 6.3 t 10.9 t
18 t 22.5" X-high D8K 7.1 t 11.5 t

Chassis height

Engine Tyre Height
Low D5K 245/70R17.5" 810–830 mm
Med D8K 265/70R19.5" 860 mm
High D8K 275/70R22.5" 950 mm
X-High D8K 295/80R22.5" 960 mm

Front suspension

12 tonnes 12–16 tonnes 19.5" 12–16 tonnes 22.5" 18 tonnes
Leaf suspension, parabolic
Leaf suspension, parabolic reinforced
Air suspension


D5K engine curves D8K engine curves

D5K210 (154 kW)
Max power at 2200 r/min 210 hp
Max torque at 1100–1700 r/min 800 Nm
D5K240 (177 kW)  
Max power at 2200 r/min 240 hp
Max torque at 1200–1600 r/min 900 Nm
D8K250 (184 kW)
Max power at 2100 r/min 250 hp
Max torque at 900–1700 r/min 950 Nm
D8K280 (206 kW)  
Max power at 2100 r/min 280 hp
Max torque at 950–1700 r/min 1050 Nm

Emission standard Euro 6 Euro 6
No. of cylinders 4 6
Displacement 5.1 dm³ 7.7 dm³
Stroke 135 mm 135 mm
Bore 110 mm 110 mm
Compression ratio 17.5:1 17.5:1
Economy revs 1100–1800 r/min 1000–1700 r/min
Exhaust braking effect (2800 r/min) 80 kW 120 kW
Engine brake effect (2800 r/min) 170 kW
Oil filters 1 1
Oil change volume, incl. filter 15 l 20 l
Cooling system, total volume 13 l 17 l

Oil change interval
D5K: Up to 40,000 km, or once a year with VDS4.
D8K: Up to 80,000 km or once a year (Long haul), up to 60,000 km or once a year (Distribution) using VDS4.

Fuel prerequisites
Sulphur free fuel only (EN590, max 10 ppm sulphur).
Engine-mounted power take-off
Ratio 1:1. Torque output 600 Nm (both when driving and standing still).


Day cab Comfort cab Crew cab
Day cab with the comfortable and ergonomic driver area. Interior height 1605 mm, length 1600 mm, width 2100 mm.
Comfort cab offers extra space that can be equipped with a bed for one person or be used as office space with extra storage compartments. Interior height 1605 mm, length 2000 mm, width 2100 mm. Crew cab with ample space for several additional passengers, up to 7 persons. Interior height 1605 mm, length 2980 mm, width 2100 mm.
Volvo FL Day cab Volvo FL Comfort cab Volvo FL Crew cab

Cab suspension
The front suspension of the cab is rubber cushion for minor vertical movement while the rear suspension is coil spring and shock absorber.

Available in 232 fixed variants. On top of that additional colours can be ordered.
Driver's seat
Three different levels of comfort: Comfort, Standard and Economy. All three feature backrest, length, height and front tilt adjustment and integrated headrests.

Passenger seat
Three different levels of comfort: Standard, Economy and Basic.

Equipment packages

Distribution makes local distribution easier with features such as power windows and cruise control.

Distribution+ is even more comfortable and secure, adding climate control, remote central lock, roof hatch, outer sunvisor, power mirrors and illuminated foot steps.
Intended for service and emergency rescue vehicles, with features such as climate control, rubber mats and power mirrors.

Audio packages
Packages for every conceivable audio and music preference.