The Volvo FL

You don’t have to spend long in the Volvo FL to start to appreciate how perfectly it’s adapted to its natural habitat: the city. First of all, it’s easy to enter and exit the Volvo FL. And by combining enough power with ease of handling and excellent all-round visibility, it allows you to safely handle whatever traffic throws at you. Bottom Line it will take you and your cargo from A to B and on to C, all day and for many years to come. We would recommend the FL as the truck of choice for quick deliveries in and around town, for refuse collection and other municipal services.

D7F engine

An engine to go to town on

The unbeatably rapid response and the powerful torque from low revs make the Volvo D7F engine ideal for various forms of distribution operation, especially in the urban environment.  Also, the precise fuel injection results in an extremely efficient combustion.

Volvo FL

Air suspension that protects your cargo

The Volvo ECS (Electronically Controlled Suspension) automatically adjusts itself and compensates for unevenly distributed loads. Leaf springs of parabolic type provide an excellent ride without bumps even under low axle loads.


Gearboxes for every occasion

With the Volvo FL you can always find a transmission that is suited to your particular transport assignment. You can choose between two manual ones, one automatic and the Volvo I-Sync. All represent light-shifting gearboxes with perfectly spaced ratios.

Buying a Volvo FL – the hows and whys

 Find a dealer

Interested in buying a Volvo FL? Identifying your ultimate transport solution is best done by meeting up with someone dedicated to the whole process of buying and owning a Volvo Truck. Together you will finalise the specs, find the best financial deal as well as the most appropriate service agreements for once your truck is on the road.

The Volvo FL can be delivered with these configurations

Cabs Engines Transmissions Rear axles
 Volvo FL cabs  Volvo FL engines  Volvo FL transmissions  Volvo FL rear axles
Day cab
Comfort cab
Crew cab
D7F (240, 260 or 290 hp)
Manual gearbox
Automatic gearbox
Single reduction
(GCW approval: 25–32.5 tonnes)

Hub reduction
(GCW approval: 40 tonnes)