About Ghabbour

Company Profile

In 1976, the reputed birth of GB Automotive Era started with heavy-duty trucks that led to envision Egypt today with its strong links to world economy

This idea prepared the grounds for today's wide growing operation where the legacy remained strong.
The first industrial operation was building superstructures on trucks, draw bar trailers & semi trailers.

For securing  customer satisfaction, the company established modern facility for after sales support and acquired commercial agencies for O.E. spare parts, tires…etc.

As of 1985, the company envisaged the potential demand for luxury buses, Thus coaches were added to the Industrial Program with know-how from Duple Mestic / U.K.
Believing in the value of human resources & undiagnosed technology, the investment was allocated to R & D in order to provide in house bus engineering designs that supports the market demand.

As the last decade of the twentieth century was coming, the vast expansion in industrialization was the characteristic trait of the company.

Technical license agreement and industrialization programs expanded to cover passenger cars with {Hyundai Motor Company 1993}

In 1993 ,Affordable trucks & buses with TATA Motors has started .

Whereas  high quality & image brands of buses, coaches, trucks & construction equipment with Volvo & MFTBC (Mitsubishi Fuso truck & bus company )  Commenced on 1998.

Parallel with Industrial operations, a vast expansion of after sales support and service centers have taken place ,  out of which the top level in Middle East & Africa is located south of Cairo.

The commercial activities are tailored to be in synergy with industrial operation aiming at maximizing customer base & satisfaction.

With all expansion the company never deviated from its core values, highest value of money, safety & quality.

The company was the first Egyptian Enterprise  that was awarded the NEN-EN-ISO 9001/2000 certificate on December 18 th, 2000.

In 2006, as an extension  to the company Non Stop development strategy , the company Has renovated  Trailers & superstructure Plant to cover the growing needs of both local & International markets , offering the state of the art technology in Metal industries  which in turn will enhance  the Egyptian economy .

The company is breaking through the 21 st century with full optimism & trust in its management, employees who are dedicated towards customers & share holders and Egyptian society.

The company is serving the society not only by the national added value but also with quality products, exports, well trained human resources who serve the community in all fields related to Automotive Industry & Commercial Activities.

Company Biography

  • Establishing Date:  1948
  • Legal form: S .A .E
  • Scope of business: Manufacturing & sales of Buses, Trucks, Trailers,  Passenger cars, Construction Equipments, Scooters & Tires
  • Partners: Hyundai, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Bajaj, Double Coin, Lassa & Monroe
  • Turn over:    US $ 500 Million in 2006  more than US $ 800 Million - in 2007
  • Staff members : 5000 in 2006 - 6500 in 2007
  • Local market share: Commercial vehicles: Over 20% (2006) & 22% (2007)     
  • Passenger Cars: Over 28% (2006) & 28% (2007) 
  • 3 Manufacturing facilities.