Volvo Trucks Brand Stories 2014

Making The Difference – Volvo Trucks Brand Stories 2014

About this project
Each year the Volvo Trucks Brand Management presents a theme that deserves extra attention and focus throughout the whole year. A theme that addresses issues that we believe are important not only for the Volvo Trucks brand but also for our customers and society in general. The theme of 2014 is MAKING THE DIFFERENCE and it is visualized in twelve images and stories, one for each month. On the you can learn more about how we are Making The Difference.

About Making the Difference
“It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference”. We believe that author and journalist Tom Brokaws words are true and we are convinced that making a difference is important. The theme Making the Difference expresses that conviction and shows our core brand values at work in the world through global stories. Both about our customers and how they make a difference – together with us. But also about how we deliver business critical quality and innovations, work for safety and zero accidents and strive to reduce our environmental impact. That is what will make the real difference in the long run. Creating lasting value and taking responsibility.