Zero accidents

More than 1.2 million people die each year on the world’s roads. That’s 3,400 every day. Or 10 full passenger planes.

It’s our job to protect those who drive our trucks. And to protect those around them. Our vision, which isn’t too far off, is that no Volvo Truck will be involved in an accident.

The more we know, the safer you are

They’re on call 24/7. And have been since 1969. Our accident research team investigate accidents where the driver or passenger of a Volvo Truck is injured in a traffic accident.

They establish why the accident happened. They work out if it could have been avoided. And they use the information to help us improve truck safety.

The data collected from accident sites is not only used to make our trucks safer. We also share it, so it contributes to national and international research on traffic safety.

Volvo Trucks - How Volvo FMX was tested


Our test facility is one of the most advanced in the world. And is used to test everything from crumple zones to the coffee maker.

Pioneering safety

Our engineers are responsible for some of the world’s most important safety innovations. Features that have saved millions of lives. And will save millions more.

“There’s no safer place…”

When driver Yngve Johansson passed out on a motorway, his truck hit the centre column of a bridge. Rolling onto its side, the cab was then hit by an oncoming car.

Yngve’s story, and countless others, is the reason why Safety is our most important core value.