Environmental care

Environmental care has been a core value since the 70s. Since then, we’ve reduced the emission of air pollutants from our trucks by up to 90%, and decreased fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 40%. We believe in sustainable transport solutions, and we’re confident that our trucks, services and operations will lead the way there.

Focus on the solutions

Forecasts indicate the planet will be six degrees Celsius warmer by 2100. Most of the energy used today comes from non-renewable sources. And air pollution causes major public health and environmental problems worldwide.


These are serious problems. So we’re tackling them head on by focusing on energy efficiency and renewable fuels. It is a strategy that encompasses our entire business, and it shapes the decisions we make about the future.

Protecting the environment is the biggest challenge we face. With new technologies, increased social momentum and industry collaboration, we can turn this challenge into our greatest achievement.

Our trucks

About 90% of the environmental impact generated by a truck occurs during its operation – mostly through fuel consumption and the discharge of carbon dioxide and other emissions.


This is why energy efficiency and renewable fuels play such a central role in our environmental approach.

Our operations

Our objective is to make our production process CO2-neutral. We opened the world’s first CO2-neutral plant in 2007. And our first CO2-neutral dealer opened in 2008.


It doesn’t stop there. This work is expanding globally to cover as many of our factories, transportation methods and dealerships as possible.


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Tomorrow’s world

We’re not waiting on the future. We’re shaping it. Each of the following projects underpins our long term environmental strategy, and shows how we’ll contribute to sustainable development over the next decade and beyond.


It doesn’t stop there. This work is expanding globally to cover as many of our factories, transportation methods and dealerships as possible.

More fuels, more access

There won’t be any single, global solution for truck fuels in the future – we’ll need to find alternatives for different uses, at different times in different parts of the world. Today, we sell long haul trucks that run on Liquefied Natural Gas – LNG. It’s either fossil or 100% renewable. A majority of our diesel-powered trucks can also run on renewable diesel fuel HVO and some of them can be fuelled with biodiesel.

The switch to electric

Starting in 2018, we have introduced a full range of all-electric trucks. They make cities quieter, the air cleaner and infrastructure better utilized. With thousands in operation all around the world, and millions of kilometers driven since launch of the range, the results speak for themselves. And: the Volvo FH Electric even won International Truck of the Year 2024. 

Volvo Supertruck 2

The brief? To create a truck that improves freight efficiency by over 100%. And so Volvo developed SuperTruck 2 to set new limits for technological development, creating a more sustainable proof-of-concept solution with improved aerodynamics, lighter construction, and better payload optimization. The result: a 134% improvement in freight efficiency. 


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Together we're stronger

Today, tomorrow and in the decades to come, we’ll do more for the environment if we all work together.


We’re convinced that innovations will provide at least some of the answers society is looking for. That’s why we’re working with research institutions and universities to develop technologies that increase fuel efficiency, and to develop and implement the use of alternative fuels in co-operation with the energy sector.

Towards zero emissions, and a more sustainable society

We're dedicated to making net-zero transport solutions a workable reality for everyone. Our focus includes the trucks themselves, user- and business-friendly services, and our own operations. 


And sustainability extends beyond emissions alone; it encompasses human, social, economic and environmental matters. Given that transport is integral to society, our vision of sustainability encompasses every aspect of it. 

Our vision of the future is one of a net-zero transport industry which is sustainable across the board. And you can explore the initiatives and developments that help turn the vision into reality.


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