Distance Alert function takes active safety to another level

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Distance Alert has been added to the latest generation of Volvo Trucks' Collision Warning with Emergency Brake driver support system, making its active safety functionality better than ever before.

Distance Alert helps the driver maintain a safe distance in traffic and avoid situations where the truck risks rear-ending the vehicle in front of it. Today, approximately 20 per cent of all serious traffic accidents involving trucks occur in this way.

Distance Alert makes it easier to maintain a safe distance from the car or truck in front by alerting the driver directly if the distance starts to decrease. If the time gap between the vehicles drops below the set amount (1.5-3.5 seconds), a solid red light is projected onto the windscreen in front of the driver. If, however, the driver does not slow down, the rest of the system is activated – first the collision warning with gradually increasing sound and light alerts followed by the automatic emergency brake.

Distance Alert is intended for driving on public roads and is switched on at speeds above 60 km/h, provided adaptive cruise control is not running. Like the Collision Warning system’s other functions, Distance Alert uses a combination of camera and radar technology for distance calculation and object identification.