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We have our roots in a small, sparsely populated country with a harsh climate. Living conditions here have shaped a culture that values durable, functional, authentic and reliable things.

We are one of the largest medium to heavy-duty truck brands in the world. More than 95% of the trucks we build are over 16 tonnes. And we make vehicles that are sold and serviced in more than 130 countries all over the world.

Our strategy revolves around satisfied and productive customers and in this, we're supported by over 2300 dealerships and workshops. Trucks constitute our main product selection, but we also provide aftermarket products and service as well as specific offers.

Our trucks are assembled in 13 countries across the globe. About 95% of the company's production capacity is located in Sweden, Belgium, Brazil and the USA.

Through our entire organisation we focus on our core values: Quality, Safety and Environmental care. We strive for satisfied customers and to be an attractive employer.

Welcome to Volvo Trucks.

Driving Progress

It’s what we've been doing since the beginning. And we're going to keep doing it for a long time to come. The journey into a safer and more sustainable future continues.

Volvo gave the world the three-point seatbelt. The milestones of Volvo pioneering also include the introduction of the first safety cab, ABS brakes as standard and airbags – in fact, our innovations very often relate to safety.

Our ambition is to offer the most fuel-efficient trucks you can buy. Through our trucks technology we're taking fuel efficiency even further, and eventually we’ll only utilize renewable fuels and become totally fossil independent. We are, in fact, facing a major technology shift.

The world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. However, one thing always stays the same: the need for safe and efficient supply of goods to households, companies and municipalities. The demand for transport will grow. And it'll certainly take new forms and exist under different conditions. But the basic need will remain - and we'll be there to take on the challenge.

The world citizen

We are a global truck brand. We make the only trucks that are proven in all climates and working conditions all over the world. From the humidity of Indonesian rain forests and the thin atmosphere of the Andes, to the bitter –40°C winters of Svalbard, the aggressive and corrosive environments of South American salt deserts and the scorching heat of Saharan quarries.

World citizenship, with its vast customer interface, is what fuels our trucks’ innovations. We listen, we learn and we apply our passion for engineering to making professional life easier for our customers. And with people and expertise, sales and service in more than 130 markets, we have ample opportunity to listen.

An automobile is made by and for people. The basic principle for all manufacturing is and must remain safety.

Volvo Careers

Behind every Volvo innovation is a Volvo person. So we like to think of them as partners and create an environment they love to work in.

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