Preventing accidents

At the forefront of traffic safety

Every year about 1.2 million people die in road traffic accidents the world over. That is more than 3000 a day. Forecasts indicate that the number of fatalities will increase dramatically during the coming 20 years if current trends continue.
The WHO, WBSC (World Business Council for Sustainable Development), EU, ACEA (the European vehicle industry's joint organ) and others emphasise that preventive safety work must encompass a variety of measures such as better roads, safer vehicles, more effective legislation, traffic planning, health and medical care and urban planning, in order to ensure success.
Volvo Trucks is in the forefront of traffic safety and today's Volvo trucks are among the safest in the world. But we also work together with other players to reduce the risk of accidents ever occurring in the first place and to create the preconditions for safe transportation. That is why our safety work encompasses the entire transport system.

The four cornerstones of accident prevention
In order to prevent accidents where the human factor plays a decisive role, Volvo Trucks prioritises four areas: alertness, seat belt use, alcohol and speed.
Alertness and concentration - Driver Alert Support (DAS) signals both via an acoustic signal and by flashing an indication that the driver's drowsiness may be influencing his or her driving style.


Seat belt use - All Volvo trucks are fitted as standard with seat belts and a seat belt reminder.
Red belts are available as an option, making it clear to everyone else that the driver is using the seat belt.
Alcohol - Since 2006, Volvo Trucks has offered a factory-fitted alcolock, the first vehicle manufacturer to do so.
Speed - Speed limiters and cruise control make it easier to keep to the speed limit.
Systems for traffic information give the haulage firm full control of how the truck is being driven, including detailed information on parameters such as speed.

World-leading applied accident research
The starting point for Volvo Trucks' safety work is always real life. Through our own Accident Research Team, which was founded back in 1969, we have built up a unique and comprehensive database of how accidents involving trucks take place. The team is prepared round the clock to go to accident sites involving Volvo trucks where a driver and/or passenger is injured, within a hundred kilometre radius of the company's headquarters in Gothenburg. Experience from the accident research team's work is not just invaluable to our own safety work; it also contributes to national and international research on traffic safety.