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  • The new Volvo FH16 is Europe’s most powerful truck but also a very fuel efficient one – and it can run on 100% renewable fuels. On-road tests confirm that the all-new engine in the FH16 achieves 5% better fuel economy and lower emissions while adding 7% more torque - a combination that increases efficiency and productivity for the most demanding transport tasks.

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    Volvo to launch hydrogen-powered trucks

    Volvo Trucks is developing trucks with combustion engines that run on hydrogen. On-road tests with trucks using hydrogen in combustion engines will begin in 2026, and the commercial launch is planned towards the end of this decade. Trucks that run on green hydrogen provide a significant step for Volvo to achieve its net zero goal and support customers to reach their decarbonization targets.

  • A full range of new Volvo truck models can now be powered by 100% biodiesel, offering another renewable fuel choice for customers looking to reduce CO2 emissions from transport here and now.

  • Volvo Trucks has received an order for 100 electric trucks from logistics company DFDS. With this latest order, DFDS has almost doubled its Volvo electric truck fleet to 225 trucks in total – the largest company fleet of heavy electric trucks in Europe.

  • Volvo delivered more trucks than ever in 2023 with global deliveries amounting to 145,395 trucks, supported by strong market shares around the world. The company also continued to invest heavily in its product portfolio and kept its leading position in the electric truck market.

  • Volvo launches its first truck model ever developed only with electric drive. With capacity for heavy loads and excellent visibility for the driver, FM Low Entry is an electric truck optimized for safe and efficient driving in city areas.

  • Volvo Trucks is introducing a new engine for its iconic FH16 truck. With up to 780 Hp and 3800 Nm, the new 17-litre engine can handle the toughest transport assignments with ease, while delivering outstanding fuel efficiency and durability. The new engine is certified to run on biofuels.

  • Volvo Trucks’ iconic FH truck range gets a new family member with the Volvo FH Aero. With aerodynamic design and innovative features, the FH Aero offers energy efficiency at a new level, available in four variants including biofuel and the award-winning electric version.

  • Volvo Trucks has unveiled an all-new heavy-duty truck platform for the North American market in parallel to a new heavy-duty truck range for Europe, Australia and markets in Asia and Africa. New energy efficient models – including trucks running on electricity and renewable fuels – will reduce CO2 emissions and take the company closer to the target of having a net-zero emission product range by year 2040.

  • Volvo Trucks has launched a completely new Volvo VNL in North America to set new industry standards in heavy-duty trucking. Optimized aerodynamics and new technologies have improved fuel efficiency by up to 10%. This all-new truck features the next generation of enhancements to improve customer value, driver productivity, safety, and sustainability.

142 matches

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