No more unexpected costs

You get full control of your service costs and the best preconditions for a relaxed night's sleep with Volvo Service Agreements.

The agreements encompass labour, Genuine Volvo Parts and other materials. You know exactly what the service will cost every month. You get all your costs on one single invoice. This facilitates your administration as well as your budget and calculation work.

Volvo Service Agreements are available at three levels; blue, silver and gold. Apart from preventive maintenance according to your Volvo Optimised Service Plan, you get all this without extra cost:

  • Safety inspection once a year.
  • Engine Protection Software.
  • Software program updates.
  • Update of your Service Plan.
  • Resale package.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee.  
  • Engine oil for topping up between the services.

Volvo Blue Agreement
Preventive maintenance

Volvo Silver Agreement
Preventive maintenance and driveline repairs

Volvo Gold Agreement
Preventive maintenance and truck repairs

Volvo East Coast Line Haul Agreement
Designed specifically for those who operate line haul on Australia’s East Coast