Volvo Truck, TL11, TL12 and TL22 - 1950

TL11, TL12 and TL22

Volvo trucks are always optimised. Normally, the truck is adapted in terms of such factors as maximum payload, low fuel consumption, high average speed or a very comfortable workplace for the driver. Sometimes, however, trucks are optimised to perform tasks which require other qualities than the above.

Adapted to special military tasks
The TL11/12 and the TL22 were examples of Volvo trucks adapted to special military tasks. These vehicles were all-wheel driven and propelled by the reliable A6 petrol engine with an output of 105 or 115 bhp. The areas of use were, however, different between the TL11/12 and the TL22.

Cross country driving...
The best-known of these vehicles is the TL22. This was a rugged light-duty truck with three axles, with a payload of just 1.500 kg. The terrain mobility of the TL22 was outstanding, thanks to six driven large wheels with large tyres together with differential locks on all axles. The quality and terrain mobility was in fact so outstanding that this truck was used in military active duty for four decades.

...and hauling heavy jet fighters
The TL11 and TL12, on the other hand, were all-wheel driven but not intended for driving cross-country, but to haul the fairly heavy supersonic jet fighters of the Swedish Air Force, a task which it performed well for about a quarter of a century.