Volvo truck, FL - 2001

FL - 2001

During the 1990´s, Volvo trucks became even more related 'under the skin'.  In the late 1990´s the only model remaining in the Volvo truck product programme from earlier decades was the FL6, the main offering from Volvo in the medium-duty range.

A completely new chassis
Since the cab of the FL6 (and the FLC) was still completely up-to-date and comparable or superior to the competing make´s models in this segment, Volvo decided to develop a completely new medium-duty-chassis, but preserving the existing FL6 cab structure together with a more aerodynamic front and a more efficient and cleaner version of the 6-litre Volvo engine.

New transport information systems
In 2000, the new FL truck was introduced. The chassis was mainly based on technology from the FM and FH families of trucks, with e g the new generation of electronically controlled disc brakes and the same Data Bus as on the other Volvo trucks.

The use of the same electronic Data Bus made the Volvo Dynafleet, a complete communication system enabling more efficient use of the trucks, available to the users of the FL trucks.

The heart: the D6b engine
The heart of the FL range is of course the 6-litre Volvo D6B engine, which was already from the start in 2000 available in Euro 3 emission version, to make sure that the Volvo FL makes minimum damage to the environment.

The D6B is available in different versions with outputs from 180 to 250 bhp, and also in a natural-gas version, which contributes to superior environmental characteristics for this version of the FL family of trucks.

Adapted to different needs
The FL is available in a wide range of executions with two or three axles, adapted to the need of a wide range of various transport tasks; from local or regional distribution to light-duty long-distance transport, or for community service applications.