Volvo truck, FM family - 2001

FM family - 2001

In the late 1980´s, Volvo planned the truck range for the last decade of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century. The result would be 'The Global Family of Trucks', where the FH-series (with a high cab floor level) would be supplemented with the FM (with a medium-height cab floor level) and the VN and NH Conventional trucks.

The FM9 and FM12
The FM-series was introduced in 1998, and at that time consisted of the FM7 (with a 7-litre engine), the FM10 (with a 10-litre engine) and the FM12 (with the same 12-litre engine as the engine used in the FH12). Since the major revision in 2001, the FM-series consists of the FM9 and the FM12.

In almost all respects, the FM family of trucks is similar to the FH-range, apart from the available engine (and transmission) options and the cab position, which is lower than that of the cab of the FH12/FH16.

For drivers who gets on and off
The lower cab position of the FM12 contributes, of course, to a safer and more ergonomic entry and exit to the cab, an advantage especially in transport missions where the driver has to enter and leave the cab numerous times every working day, like e g in local and regional distribution transport, as well as for garbage transport etc.

The lower cab position is, of course, also an advantage in transport operations where a low cab roof is of importance, e g when transporting numerous automobiles.

The cab
Compared with the FH-family, the FM trucks have a higher engine tunnel, which restricts the space in the cab and also makes walk-through in the cab more difficult. For this reason, the FM series is less suitable for long-distance operations than the FH series, especially in operations where the driver has a co-driver.  The FM series can be supplied with a short day cab, a long sleeper cab or with a comfortable Globetrotter cab with standing height inside the cab.

Engine and transmissions
In 2001, the FM-series was revised in a number of very important areas. The FM7 and the FM10 was succeeded by the FM9, featuring a completely new 9-litre engine with unit fuel injection, overhead camshaft and four valves per cylinder. The 12-litre engine was preserved for the FM12, but in the revised D12D-execution with improved performance and superior environmental characteristics.

Like the FH12, the FM9 and the FM12 is available with a number of transmission options (all designed and manufactured by Volvo) including manual range-change gearboxes, the I-shift with automatic gear shifting and the power-shift Powertronic gearbox.

Fitted for a wide range of tasks
The FM series is adapted to a wide range of tasks, from distribution of goods to long-distance transport, community service and heavy-duty construction operations. It is available with two, three or four axles, and also in all-wheel-drive execution.