Volvo VM

Volvo VM (South America)

South America is an important market for Volvo’s truck sales. Not only the FH, FM and FMX trucks are marketed here, but also the unique VM model, which is based on Volvo’s global truck range.

Under the hood of the VM is a locally built engine manufactured in Brazil, with power outputs of 210, 260 or 310 horsepower.

The VM is built in Volvo’s factory in Curitiba, Brazil, and it is available with two or three axles, with drive to one or (for the three-axle 6x4 version) both rear axles.
The VM has a broad application area and is therefore available with several different cab configurations, with or without a fixed bed. The VM was initially intended for local and regional assignments, but the sheer width of its specification, its robustness and its performance have helped make it popular for national long-haul duties in the giant country that is Brazil!