Major challenges

Thus far in the 21st century, Volvo’s trucks have become even more powerful, more efficient, more comfortable, safer and cleaner than ever.

Economy has always been in firm focus for Volvo’s trucks, ever since the first truck was built in February 1928. With the shaky state of the global economy since the end of the 2000s, even higher demands are being imposed today: a truck not only has to be economical, ergonomic and ecologically sustainable, it also has to function optimally and perfectly in a complete, integrated system. A system where not only the truck but all modes of transport working together are tailored for the job.
Where the manufacturer (for instance Volvo) takes responsibility for the truck throughout its lifetime. Where the truck is supported by a range of integrated systems (such as Dynafleet). Where the service system in coordination between Volvo each haulage firm guarantees continuous, perfect function. Where operational standstills are prevented through well-planned maintenance, guaranteed by the truck manufacturer.

We are only at the start of the 2010s. This promises to be the most exciting decade yet, perhaps with greater challenges than ever before…

And this brings us to today. Our historic overview concludes now with a look at Volvo’s current range of trucks...