Volvo FH

Taking sustainability seriously

There are plenty of reasons to take sustainability seriously. Earth’s climate system is out of balance, the resources are limited and mankind still releases harmful substances into the eco system. So we find ourselves standing at a cross-road, a breaking point in history where our actions inescapably will be scrutinized by future generations.

Part of the solution
We recognise that Volvo is part of the environmental problems, but we also believe that we are part of the solution. Our goal is to meet the continuously increasing need for transportation, generate profitability for our customers and at the same time reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and harmful substances.

History of environmental work
In conjunction with UN’s first conference on the environment in 1972 we made a clear statement, admitting that we are part of the problem – but also a part of the solution. Since the early 1990’s environmental care is one of our core values.

We also know that the solution must be a joint response from the transportation industry, politicians and society as a whole. With new technology, political will and a shared determination to solve the problems we face, we believe that these challenges will only strengthen us.