Volvo Truck Driver Training

Driver Training That Builds Your Bottom Line

Your drivers need to understand how their skills affect the performance and efficiency of the trucks they drive. When your drivers know how to drive for better fuel efficiency, productivity and safety – you’ll get maximum yield from your fleet. In fact, there’s no better way to maximize your return on investment for every Volvo truck you operate.

With a well-trained team of drivers, you can be confident they’re doing all they can to build your bottom line. Check out Volvo Trucks Academy’s comprehensive online course offering below, exclusively available to all Volvo customers.

Online Driver Training

Online Driver Training

The  online Driver Training curriculum combines vehicle knowledge and driving techniques to help you get maximum productivity and fuel efficiency from every truck.

Your drivers can easily access their training curriculum from any computer 24/7 and can complete courses on their own schedule.

Available online courses:
  • Vehicle Basics
  • Instrumentation
  • Understanding the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
  • Driving with SCR
  • Driving with VEST
  • Operating Your Vehicle with Volvo I-Shift
  • Driving for Fuel Efficiency: Maintenance
  • Driving for Fuel Efficiency: Principles of Shifting
  • Driving for Fuel Efficiency: Momentum Management
  • Driving with VEC
  • Effective Pre-Trip Inspection
  • Idle Reduction
  • Passive and Active Safety Devices

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By making training a priority, you’ll quickly see increases in uptime, fuel efficiency and driver performance. We’ll be glad to personally discuss your specific training requests and goals for your technicians and drivers.

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