comfortable climate

The automatic climate system

Tests show that when temperatures are too high, drivers tend to make mistakes and misjudge situations. In other words, climate has a huge effect on your productivity and safety as a driver.

But it takes more than standard climate equipment - just a fan and a heater or cooler - to create an optimum in-cab climate. That is why we have developed the Volvo Electronic Climate Control (ECC), the first of its kind, for our trucks.

With the ECC all you have to do is basically set the temperature control knob at the desired temperature level, and the system takes care of the rest. The ECC is a highly advanced system that monitors cab and outdoor temperatures, evaporator temperature, vehicle speed engine revolutions per minute and several other parameters. Its thermostat controls the cab temperature, air distribution, airflow, and fresh air intake accordingly.
Having said that, the cabin climate control always remains in your hands. At the click of a button, as easily as you put it on, the automatic mode can be switched off.