efficient brakes

No need to slam on the brakes

When it comes to brakes, Volvo's Electronic Braking System (EBS) and patented disc brake technology gives you an especially high degree of safety.

With this system, the matching of brake interaction between the tractor and trailer is smooth, the stopping distance is shorter, stability is improved and road-holding is sharper for the entire rig, when compared with a conventional braking system.

Since the solid brake discs are made of a material that is particularly heat-resistant, they also reduce the risk of brake fade in repeated harsh braking, and minimise the likelihood of disc warp caused by thermal extremes.

Further beneficial features of the EBS:

  • Pressure modulation individually by wheel or axle
  • Electronic transmission of brake demand (driver or other) to individual wheels and the trailer
  • Pneumatic backup
  • Better brake response (braking sensitivity like passenger cars)
  • Electronically controlled load sensing and brake force balancing
  • Anti-lock brake system, traction control system
  • Coupling force control for better brake compatibility between tractor and trailer
  • Lining wear control for longer service intervals
  • Retarder integration