Volvo FE Hybrid


Volvo Trucks has more than twenty years' experience of hybrid technology. The first hybrid solution for heavy vehicles was presented as far back as 1985. Since then Volvo has led the development and now there are several Volvo FE Hybrids running in Europe. They have demonstrated an opportunity to save up to 20% fuel compared to a diesel truck on distribution missions. It is in urban operations that the hybrid qualities really come to the fore. In electric motor mode the truck is completely emissions-free and very quiet. There is today after Euro 6 introduction no commercial hybrid truck offer. In the long term however, the technology will get a broader application, such as long haul transports.
Energy efficiency reduces the environmental impact


Combined with biofuel
The Volvo hybrid solution is a tangible solution for environmentally suitable transport operations. Reduced fuel consumption also means a corresponding reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. The diesel engine in a hybrid  also has the potential to be run on renewable biofuel. This makes transport work completely carbon dioxide neutral, which paves the way for sustainable transports.

Solid experience and innovative technology in perfect harmony