Volvo Diagnostics


Volvo offers excellent software tools to assist customers and bodybuilders in performing their own diagnostic work on Volvo trucks and components.


Premium Tech Tool (PTT)

Truck Diagnostic System (TDS)

Premium Tech Tool

»  Makes diagnostics fast and accurate. A Windows-based diagnostic application specially designed to test, calibrate and program engine parameters. This software supports all Volvo Trucks from model year 1998 and newer.

Truck Diagnostic System

»  The information you need in less than one minute. Truck Diagnostic System is our easy-to-use PC-based diagnostics software solution designed specifically for fleets who own US07, US10 or US13 model Volvo trucks.

Premium Tech Tool and Truck Diagnostic System Comparison:

  PTTPremium Tech Tool   TDSTruck Diagnostic System
Diagnostic Trouble Codes Readout X X
Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes X X
Retrieve Vehicle Information   X   X
Learned Data Reset   X   Limited*
Manual Injector Cut-Out   X   X
Manual DPF Service Regeneration   X   X
After Treatment   X   Limited
Trip Reporting   X   X*
Parameter Programming   X   X*
Sensor and Parameters Monitoring   X   X*
Transmission Sensor Values   X   Limited*
Engine Sensor Values   X   Limited*
SIR Compliant   X   Limited*

IMPACT Access (Available Separately)


Software Download

Use on Warranty Repairs   X  
Guided Diagnostics (US07 and Newer)   X  

* Please see the Diagnostic Tool Comparison document for more detailed information regarding this product feature.