Transport Information System – Dynafleet

How it works

Every transport company is unique, but still they share many of the daily issues. The largest single money-saver is to keep fuel consumption under control. The benefits of positioning and messaging can also substantially increase efficiency and your service level towards your clients.
Dynafleet comes in three standard packages, with additional integration possibilities. This means that when your need changes, it is easy to upgrade and add functions

Fuel & Environment
A highly efficient tool for cost optimisation, especially in combination with driver training programs and fuel management services. The detailed and aggregated fuel reports show savings and saving potential. Dynafleet lets you identify consumption patterns related to driving style, vehicle type and several other parameters. Powerful report tools let you obtain both high-resolution details, clarifying overviews and alerts when something untoward is at hand.
Map & Position
All of Dynafleets’ well-proven benefits at your fingertips. Google maps integration gives accurate and up-to-date maps which improves your route planning. Your follow-up will improve, and should your driver have to divert from the planned route, you’ll be notified. In areas where traffic information is available you can recalculate schedules and inform your clients. Dynafleet even allows the transport buyer to trace the progress of the delivery.

Full-text messages keep your drivers informed and responsive to changes in plans. Traffic problems can be reported and shared within the fleet. The risk of miscommunication is reduced, and security is enhanced by the extended ability of keeping in touch. Clear messages also eliminate ambiguity concerning destinations and instructions received over the phone. And it is even possible to send GPS data directly to the navigation system, thanks to the integration functionality with some Garmin models.