Clean EGR. Low emissions. High reliability.

Volvo's clean EGR technology involves the recirculation of cooled exhaust gas back into the engine in order to lower the temperature of combustion and thus reduce the formation of nitrous oxides within the combustion chamber.

Volvo's EGR solution will not only reduce harmful emissions but offer direct benefits to the customer in the form of excellent power density, improved driveability and enhanced engine braking. The system employs three state-of-the-art components to achieve these advantages and deliver low emission outputs; Holset Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT), Hydraulic EGR Valve, Delta-pressure flow sensor. These parts work as a total unit to improve the longevity and durability of the Volvo 13 litre EGR engine, at the same time reducing exhaust emissions with minimal impact on the chassis or the truck's cooling system. Volvo's extensive research and development has achieved the Euro 4 levels without the need for exhaust after-treatment.