Volvo FE Product Features


Volvo’s advanced automated gearshifting uses built-in intelligence to select the right gear for you everytime.

I-Shift gearbox

The Volvo D8K Engine

This engine is a top performer in any situation. Find out why.

Volvo D8K engine


Illuminate your working day with state-of-the-art Volvo FE headlights.

Volvo FE headlights

Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions

Our bodybuilder system ensures swift delivery of your Volvo FE - exactly the way you want it.

Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions


Step inside a truck that’s specifically designed with distribution work in mind.

Volvo FE instep

Volvo safety cab

Our cabs have never been a safer place to work. Take a look at just some of the reasons why.

Volvo FE safety cab
I-Shift The Volvo D8K Engine Headlights Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions Instep Volvo safety cab


Plenty of room to store your belongings. Here’s the deal.

Volvo FE storage

Power take-offs

Options to power your application. Make the most of the Volvo FE’s flexibility.

Volvo FE Power take-offs
Storage Power take-offs