Volvo truck, NH12 - 2003

NH12 - 2003

There is always a suitable Volvo truck for every existing heavy-duty operation. Volvo designs and builds trucks for more than 100 different countries, all over the world. And although the Volvo Global Family of trucks consists of a number of vehicles which are visually quite different, they share the basic technology and a number of key components.

A typical example of intelligent design
The NH12, introduced in Brazil in 1999 as the successor to the NL10 EDC and the NL12 EDC, is a typical example of the efficient and intelligent design of Volvo trucks. The NH12 is a Conventional truck, which is marketed in most parts of the world (excluding Europe, where length regulation makes it less efficient, and Australia, where a special NH Conventional truck was produced up until 2004).

Despite the fact that it looks fairly similar to the North American NH truck, it is in fact more related to the European FH and FM trucks than to its American counterparts.

The same benefits as the FH12
The NH12 is based on the same technology and the same components as the global FH12 truck, with the exception of the front end of the chassis, the bonnet and the front part of the cab. This means that the NH12 offers the same comfort level, the same ergonomics, the same passive and active safety and the same fuel efficiency as the FH12, for customers demanding the extra cab space and the impressive appearance of a truck with a bonnet in front of the cab.

Different needs, different cabs 
The NH12 can be supplied with three different cabs: a short day cab for missions where the driver does not spend the nights in the truck cab, a long sleeper cab with a comfortable bunk and the Globetrotter cab which offers superior living and space for the driver (and a co-driver).

The NH12, introduced in 1999 and terminated in 2006, was upgraded in 2003 and 2005 to make it technically comparable with the latest version of the FH and FM truck family.