Volvo truck, FH - 2005

FH - 2005

The Volvo FH range is the most successful Volvo truck family ever built. The development of the 'bestseller' FH12 has taken place in steps. In 2005, the FH12 was succeeded by the FH, being similar in appearance but incorporating the most dramatic product improvements in years.

The heart of the FH is the 13-litre engine. This does not only have superior performance to its predecessor, but also offers increased fuel efficiency and environmental characteristics which are not only up to the most demanding regulations known today (the Euro 4 and the Euro 5), but also prepared for even more demanding future environmental legislation.

High-tech design features
The 12.8-litre engine has horsepower options of 400, 440, 480 or 520, with torque figures of up to 2,500 Nm. It features high-technology design features like overhead camshaft, four-valve technology and unit injectors, together with the powerful Volvo Exhaust Brake (VEB). As an alternative to the 13-litre engine, two 12-litre engine options are available.

To facilitate the driver's work, Volvo I-shift automatic transmission is available, as alternative to fully-synchronized range-change manual gearboxes with or without splitter options. The Volvo Powertronic automatic transmission with torque converter is also included in the range.

The FH cab is available in four versions; the daycab, the sleeper cab, the spacious Globetrotter cab and the top-of-the-range cab: the Globetrotter XL cab, which provides unrivalled comfort and ergonomics in the truck world. Offering different interior space, all four cabs have the same comfort level, which is second-to-none in the world of trucks.

Traditional and new safety
The FH is the safest truck on the road, with traditional Volvo features like a crash-tested cab and an interior designed with passive safety in mind, but also features like the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) which automatically maintains the distance to the vehicle in front.

The FH can be made up in thousands of different executions; with different engine outputs, with various gearboxes, with a wide range of rear axles, with several wheelbase alternatives, in two- three- or four-axle execution and with a large number of components to choose from.

The Volvo FH is intended for all kinds of heavy-duty transport operations, and is in the most demanding operations second only to its most powerful competitor: the Volvo FH16.