Volvo FMX

Volvo FMX

Volvo has trucks for ALL transport assignments with gross weights from 12 tonnes and upwards. One application area with extra high demands is heavy, tough construction duties. Volvo presented its very first extra-tough truck, the LV66, back in 1931, designed specifically for this kind of operation. Since the early 1990s, certain Volvo models have been manufactured specifically for extra-demanding construction haulage duties.

The FMX is today’s Volvo truck for the toughest of construction conditions. It was presented in 2010 and is in some respects similar to the “regular” FM Series, while in other respects it is uniquely tailored to meet the very special demands imposed by heavy loads in a combination of uneven terrain, proper roads, rough construction sites and off-road conditions.

The FMX’s properties are largely a result of Volvo’s experience as the world’s leading manufacturer of articulated haulers built by Volvo Construction Equipment.

Under the engine compartment cover of the FMX is a choice of 11-litre engines (with between 330 and 450 horsepower) or 13-litre units (with everything from 420 to 540 hp). The transmission alternatives are mechanical manual, I-Shift automated or Volvo’s Powertronic automatic with Powershift, that is to say uninterrupted power delivery even during gear changes – a major benefit in the conditions in which the FMX operates.
The biggest difference compared with the “regular” Volvo FM is the chassis with its extra-high ground clearance and extra protection for vulnerable components.

The FMX has many unique properties; for instanced the front towing beam is dimensioned for a 25 tonne towing force – useful for towing heavy equipment, assisting another truck that has become bogged down, or getting a tow when stuck.The FMX is offered with two, three or four axles. With drive to only one rear axle, both rear axles, or all-wheel drive to two or three axles.

For minimal environmental impact, the FMX can be specified in MethaneDiesel configuration, with a 13-litre 460 horsepower engine and with carbon dioxide emissions reduced by up to 70 %.