Volvo VNX

Volvo VNX

The VNX is one of our toughest trucks. It’s a heavy-haul tractor featuring a full-size cab and our Volvo D16 engine with up to 600 hp and 2050 lb-ft of torque … just what you need when the loads … or the roads … aren’t easy.

Combining a 20,000-lb front axle and rear axles ranging from 46,000 to 52,000, the VNX is ideal for long combination vehicles, heavy equipment hauling, or demanding aggregate, low-boy, logging, oil field, or mining applications.
But the VNX is not just brawn. Beauty and comfort are also built in. An increased ride height accommodates more articulation, better ground clearance, and an improved front ramp angle. And don’t forget its distinct metallic, honeycomb-patterned grille and bright-finish steel bumper with center tow pin. You’ll get the looks, in and out of the job site.

The Volvo VNX is available in the North American market.

Volvo VNX in the USA and Canada

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