Fuel management

Keeping down fuel costs

In today's transport world with its ever-narrower margins for haulage firms, the main focus is on cutting costs. In this tough everyday reality, there are two factors that have become increasingly important for haulage companies and therefore also for us as truck manufacturers involved in the development of both vehicles and complementary services:

More time on the road.

Lower fuel consumption on increasingly expensive fuel.

A fuel consumption reduction of two or three litres per 100 kilometres can be crucial to success. With a different, more efficient driving style a driver can make an active contribution to economy and the environment. But nobody can drive better than the vehicle itself allows. By adopting a long-term view and dedicating ourselves to making our products increasingly fuel-efficient, Volvo has today taken the lead among the world's truck manufacturers in the matter of fuel economy.

We at Volvo Trucks have different solutions and services to help you lower your fuel consumption.

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