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Taking truck safety seriously

Truck safety and driver security are two of most important health issues today. Every year around 1.2 million people die in road accidents the world over, and The World Health Organisation has said that vehicle traffic is the fastest-growing threat to human health.

However, the future is not as dark as it may seem. Steps are already being taken by politicians, public authorities and vehicle manufacturers in Europe and North America regarding road safety. They recognise that something has to be done if the number of accidents is to drop. A call for road safety, vehicle safety and safer behaviour in traffic has been heard, but these changes need to be taken together; no one company or authority can accomplish them alone. Our trucks safety is of utmost concern to us, but we also work with our customers and authorities to take a greater responsibility for road safety.
The founders of Volvo - Assar Gabrielsson & Gustaf Larson - stated already in 1927, when the company was founded: "An automobile is made by and for people. The basic principle for all manufacturing is - and must remain - Safety."  Safety has been a core value ever since then.

We are aware of what we have to do in order to increase road safety, in truck safety and safety for unprotected road-users. We have taken all our knowledge and experience and put them into our safety work, on public roads, test tracks, in research laboratories, in joint partnership organisations, in the media and in the political sphere. Wherever traffic safety is discussed, we aim to participate in those discussions, because by doing so we can learn more as we head into the future.