Volvo Group supplier portal

Volvo Group Supplier Portal

Worldwide suppliers can work online with the Volvo Group

Volvo 3P, Volvo Aero, Volvo Buses, Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Penta and Volvo Powertrain have introduced an Internet site for suppliers. The site is the first step of an e-business strategy driven by Volvo Group Purchasing Council. The site will be the single source for information and a dedicated working tool for current and future Volvo partners.
Volvo Group is the first industrial company to develop this kind of Web site, presenting the purchasing division as a whole. 

  • Introduces the Volvo Group purchasing departments, attracts new suppliers (search parts catalogue and questionnaire) and allows current suppliers to access Volvo Group applications (Mack Trucks/Renault Trucks/Volvo Trucks standards,
     e-auction, logistics data, etc.).
  • Provides to Volvo current suppliers, by secured access, general information about the company's working methods, synthesized in a teaching module. Organizes existing and future Volvo supplier information, giving them access by a secure way to an electronic library that regroups all the detailed documentation needed for the daily activity: access to specifications and internal processes.
  • Extends access to selected partners, giving them a customized access to Volvo internal applications: Web-EDI, database, online part design and to confidential information.

As a step towards e-commerce, this Web site allows worldwide suppliers to work online with the Volvo Group.

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