Core Values: Safety



At Volvo Trucks, safety isn’t an option. It’s our standard way of building the best––and safest––trucks on the road.

With our High Strength Steel (HSS) cab design, Volvo is the only company to pass the Swedish impact test, the most stringent in the world. We’re the only heavy-duty truck manufacturer to provide airbags as standard equipment. We invented the three-point seatbelt –– also standard on every Volvo. We introduced anti-lock brakes as standard in 1992. And we pioneered daytime running lights so other drivers sharing the road will be better able to see your truck.  Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST) is standard on all highway tractors.

Our trucks are easy to drive and maneuver, with great visibility all around. They’re built to keep drivers alert in a work environment that’s comfortable and safe, to help prevent accidents in the first place.

Volvo’s commitment to Safety by Design helps drive the success of your business by putting the well-being of drivers and their families first. And our attention to safety lowers insurance costs related to accidents, and reduces cargo loss and downtime due to accidents.