Advanced Safety Technologies

Safety is part of our DNA at Volvo Trucks. It’s integrated into every truck we build – from design to finished product.  

Two safety advances in particular – both developed in partnership with Bendix – are protecting  truck drivers and the traveling public. 

  • Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology, or VEST, is a stability control system that can detect a dangerous driving situation and respond by automatically reducing engine torque and activating the necessary brakes.
  • Volvo Enhanced Cruise, a system that uses the engine and foundation brakes to automatically slow the truck and maintain a set following distance, offers the latest in advanced collision avoidance technology. 

Volvo’s commitment to safety can be seen even before the driver gets behind the wheel, with our anti-slip steps and extra-wide doors. Volvo’s panoramic windshield gives the driver the largest possible viewing area, and large side mirrors provide better visibility on the road. Powerful projection headlights increase nighttime visibility 20 percent on low beam and provide better right-shoulder visibility.  

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Safety as a Core Value