Our Safety Heritage

In the Volvo Group, Safety by Design means we consider safety issues above all else. That commitment has made Volvo an industry leader in truck safety. Here are just a few of Volvo’s safety milestones over the years:

  • Created the Volvo Accident Research Team, which investigates accidents and uses the findings in future truck design
  • Pioneered high-strength steel safety cage cab design, which causes the engine and transmission to drop down to the pavement during a frontal impact instead of crashing into the interior of the cab
  • Invented the three-point seat belt
  • Made air bags standard equipment – the first truck manufacturer to do so
  • Developed the Swedish cab impact test, the toughest in the world
  • Introduced antilock brakes as standard equipment in 1992
  • Pioneered daytime running lights so other drivers sharing the road will be better able to see our trucks in all weather conditions

safety by design