Volvo Trucks Vehicle Management Services

Vehicle Management Services

Vehicle Management Services focus on vehicle uptime and performance.

Volvo Link Remote Uptime Service
Remote uptime service includes tools you can use to keep the wheels turning and reduce risk of downtime.  This relies heavily on the connection between your vehicle, your driver, and Volvo Action Service -- providing 24/7 support to help drivers resolve issues quickly and get vehicles back into service.

  • If a driver experiences difficulty, he or she can use the dash display to signal dispatch or Volvo Action Service and request assistance.  The request for assistance automatically creates a case with Volvo Action Service including your company's name, vehicle identification number, mileage and GPS location to expedite customer support.
  • Remote Service also continuously monitors many of the critical electronic systems on your truck; if a serious fault code is registered, a vehicle fault alert is sent --  automatically transmitted by your vehicle identifying the fault type and important data to your dispatch via an email message.
  • The fault code can also be sent to Volvo Action Service (if subscriber); VAS can contact dispatch or driver to provide assistance.  VAS can schedule planned downtime and use the truck's fault code history to recommend repairs -- often before the truck arrives at the dealership for service.

Minimum requirements:
Volvo Link hardware
Volvo Action Service


Vehicle Performance Reports
Performance reports are designed to give you easy-to-use tools to ensure that each vehicle is being operated for maximum safety and efficiency.

Every week, vehicle performance data is transmitted so you can see how well your trucks and drivers are performing.  This includes valuable summaries of fuel usage under different driving conditions.  You can also see factors that indicate how safely the vehicle is being driven.

  • Monitor fuel used, distrance traveled, engine RPM, and resulting mpg in various operations.
  • Weekly for trends showing event frequency about your truck's antilock brake system, traction control, or Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology system.
  • Simple reports provide information you can use to measure and manage performance of a vehicle, a range of vehicles, or your entire fleet.

Minimum requirements:
Volvo Link hardware
Volvo Link Remote Uptime Service