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You know about Volvo Trucks' fuel efficiency, driver productivity, safety and uptime.  Here you'll find featured information you may need to service your truck.
Approved Oils

Approved Oils

The link below is a service bulletin identifying the oil requirements and listing the companies offering oil types and qualities required for Volvo components.

Non-Volvo Approved Oils, Volvo Components

This Service Bulletin identifies the oil requirements and lists the companies offering oil types and qualities required for Volvo components.

Adobe Acrobat Document Approved Oils, Volvo Components Service Bulletin

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Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driver Tips

Cold weather operation places added demand on a diesel engine and the vehicle's numerous operating systems.  To ensure a smooth transition into the winter months it is imperative to perform a thorough winterization service.  Fall is the time to have this maintenance completed.  Here are a few of the key service items that must be covered during a proper winterization service.

Although this covers most of the items that need attention your dealer will have a comprehensive check list.  Make sure you are adequately prepared for the cold weather ahead.  A thorough winterization now will minimize inconvenience and unexpected expense in the future.

Contact your servicing dealer today and book a winterization service.

Vehicle Winterization – Cold Weather Tips

  • The complete cooling system must be checked, thermostat, hoses, hose clamps, heater cores etc. If your anti-freeze is due for changing, do it! Just because the freeze protection is acceptable does not mean the coolant is still serviceable. Coolant performs multiple functions in protecting the engine; anti-freeze point is just one of them.
  • The engine air intake system and intercooler must be serviced. Check and change the required air filters. Clean and inspect the intercooler core and air intake hose connections.
  • Service the fuel water separator and heater. Change the engine oil, oil filters and fuel filters. Service engine specific filters if fitted, i.e. crankcase breather and VGT control valve filters. Adjust the valves and injectors if required. Service all belts. Inspect hoses and clamp connections. Inspect exhaust system and repair any leaks found.
  • Replace the windshield wipers, inspect the mirrors, and verify mirror heater operation. Check heater blower operation and duct air flow.
  • Service auxiliary heaters and power units as per manufactures recommendations.
  • Test starting and charging system operation. Cables and connections must be checked and serviced including a load test of the batteries.
  • Consider a corrosion control treatment.
  • Check cold starting aids, pre-heaters, fuel heaters and block heaters.
  • Check the transmission and differential fluid levels and vents. Change fluids if any contaminating is found or if fluid is due for replacement. Verify component manufactures recommendations.
  • Perform a thorough inspection of fairing mounting, brackets, bumper and mud flaps.Make sure all engine compartment splash guards are in place.
  • Service air system, replace the air drier canister and verify drier operation. Service alcohol evaporators if equipped. Inspect glad hands, air lines, and power cord connections. Check all air tank drain valves and pull cord operation. Drain tanks regularly. If tire chains are required, inspect them now before you need to install them on the side of the road.
  • Inspect for irregular tire wear and measure tread depth.
  • Check brake chambers; ensure protective plugs are in place. Check brake linings and fitting of dust shields if required.
  • Perform complete chassis lubrication.
  • Inspect and service the fifth wheel and pintle hitch if fitted.
  • Make sure your emergency equipment and cold weather kit is in tack

Steering Drag Link Inspection

Please click here for important information concerning the recommended inspection and replacement criteria for ball sockets used in the steering drag link assembly on your Volvo truck.