Alternative Fuels and Volvo

Volvo Trucks has expanded its commitment to environmental care and energy security through the implementation of our Blue Power Strategy. Natural gas options are viable for local and regional haul fleets concerned about CO2 emissions and wanting to utilize our nation’s abundant supply of natural gas to reduce dependence on foreign oil. Despite short-term infrastructure questions regarding widespread adoption of natural gas as a heavy-duty truck fuel, it’s clear this segment will will grow over the next several years. 

Today Volvo is delivering factory-built VNM 200 & VNL 300 natural gas spark ignition powered trucks for local and regional haul applications, featuring Cummins ISL G and ISX12 G compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered engines.

As the fueling infrastructure develops, our Volvo D13-LNG compression ignition engine provides another natural gas alternative for customers wanting increased range and improved fuel efficiency in a seamlessly integrated Volvo powertrain.

For customers wanting greater fuel efficiency and range with the potential for affordable “behind the fence” fueling, the advanced technology of our Volvo D13-DME engine offers diesel-like performance, reliability, and durability, and is equipped with a seamlessly integrated Volvo I-Shift transmission.

About DME

Dimethyl ether is a manufactured, rather than naturally occurring alternative fuel. It is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless compound that can be produced from natural gas, or from CO2-neutral biomass. It is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Its molecular formula is C2OH6 and it behaves similar to propane. It is stored at ambient temperatures and can be stored and transported in tanks similar to those used in the propane industry.

DME produces no soot when burned and will not require a diesel particulate filter. It degrades rapidly in the atmosphere and is not a global warming agent.


  Lower Emissions  Up to 20% lower greenhouse gas
 emissions than diesel
  Economics  Improved reliability and efficiency over
 previous gas engines; lower total fuel costs
  Energy Security  Uses domestic fuel sources and
 reduces reliance on oil
  Maintenance-Free  Aftertreatment  Does not require Diesel Particulate Filter or
 Selective Catalytic Reduction to meet
 EPA ’10 emissions
  Simplicity  Spark ignition is simpler overall than
 compression ignition
  Lower Weight  Elimination of aftertreatment saves weight
 on chassis


ISL G Engine for VNM Daycab
 Applications: Port drayage, pickup and delivery

 GCW  66,000 lbs
 BBC  113.5" (2,883 mm)
 Front Axle Position  51.1"
 Cab Version  Daycab, medium hood
 Engine  ISL G, 300hp, 1000 lb-ft engine
 - CNG or LNG fuel
 Transmission  Allison 3000, 6 speed
 Front Axle  Volvo, Dana, Meritor
 Rear Axle  Meritor 14X - 5.29, 6.14 ratio
 Rear Suspension  Volvo Air
 Wheelbase  180", 191", 209"
 - Dependent on battery box and fuel capacity
 Fuel Capacity  80 or 90 Diesel Galllon
 Equivalent (DGE)

ISX12 G Engine for VNL Daycab
 Applications: Regional transport, intermodal distribution, pickup and delivery

 GCW  80,000 lbs
 BBC  122.4" (3,109mm)
 Front Axle Position  52.2"
 Cab Version  Daycab, long hood
 Engine  ISX12 G, 350 hp & 400hp, 1450
 lb-ft engine, 3-position engine brake
 - CNG or LNG fuel
 Transmission  FRO14210C, 10 speed
 Front Axle  Volvo, Dana, Meritor
 Rear Axle  Dana, Meritor - 3.55, 3.70 ratio
 Rear Suspension  Volvo Air
 Wheelbase  180", 191", 209"
 - Dependent on battery box and fuel capacity
 Fuel Capacity  80 or 90 Diesel Galllon
 Equivalent (DGE)

Volvo D13 DME Engine
 Applications: Regional transport, intermodal distribution, bulk hauling

 GCW 80,000 lbs
 BBC  122.4" (3,109mm)
 Front Axle Position  52.2"
 Cab Version  Daycab,  long hood
 Engine  D13-DME, up to 460hp, 1750 lb-ft torque,
 3-position Volvo Engine Brake
 Fuel: di-methyl ether
 (produced from natural gas or biomass)
 Transmission  Volvo I-Shift 12-speed AMT, DD or OD
 Front Axle  Volvo, Dana, Meritor
 Rear Axle  Dana, Meritor - 2.64, 3.25 ratio
 Rear Suspension  Volvo Air
 Wheelbase  178", 195"
 - Dependent on battery box and fuel capacity
 Fuel Capacity   100 Diesel Gallon Equivalent (DGE)
 Range - 600 miles

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