Engine Brake (I-VEB)


Our new I-VEB enhances our successful Volvo Engine Brake with Intelligent Software.

As many drivers know, the Volvo Engine Brake (VEB) delivers high retardation over the speed range, and it is integrated into the engine for safety and longer foundation brake life. Its unique design provides quiet, effective braking in the rpm range in which drivers most often operate-1500 rpm and below. Best of all, it allows faster downhill travel with complete control, shortening trip time.

With I-VEB, braking is smarter than ever.

I-VEB has a new ergonomic six-position switch that's comfortable and easy to operate:

  • Position "O" - Off.
  • Position "A" - Engine Brake Cruise Control. In this position, Cruise Control is enabled and vehicle speed exceeds cruise speed by the driver-controlled set speed, the I-VEB engine brake will engage with infinite control to maintain that speed (within the limit of the engine brake).
  • 1,2,3 - 40, 70, 100%
  • Position "B" - I-Shift Brake Program. With Volvo I-Shift on board, the controls of each feature are integrated for optimum performance.

With I-VEB, the driver doesn't have to reach over to the dash to adjust the engine brake switch every time the slope of the downgrade changes.

If a driver wants to go down a long, steady downgrade at a steady speed, like 35 mph, he needs only depress the +/- switch at the end of the brake control stalk. I-VEB will take over from there and will hold the truck at 35 mph regardless of the exact terrain (within the limits of the brake).

At 1500 rpm the D13's optional I-VEB puts out an impressive 350 braking hp, dwarfing many bigger engines' brake performance.

I-VEB's ease of operation, precise control with infinite adjustment and maximum fuel economy give you an engine brake that's the first choice of professional drivers.