VHD 430
VHD 430

The premium workhorse when your job keeps you on the job.

Tough enough to tackle the most demanding jobs with ease. Dependable enough to keep working, even when the work gets tough. Comfortable and quiet so you can stay alert the entire workday – and still have enough energy to enjoy your off-duty hours. That’s the VHD 430.

 It’s ideally suited for heavy or customized haul, when making your delivery on time sometimes means you spend the night on the road. The comfortable 42” sleeper and full-size bunk means you can tackle those longer routes without losing precious time.

 You’ll also save time and money with the bodybuilder, thanks to Volvo’s electronic bodybuilder module that simplifies electric and hydraulic connections.

 All to get you on the job faster, and keep you on the job longer.

The VHD 430 can be delivered with these configurations

Cabs & Sleepers Applications Engines Transmissions
Cabs Applications Engines Transmissions
42" Flat-Roof Sleeper,
Mid-length Hood
Hours of service cab
Bridge formula
Heavy haul
Pickup and delivery

Volvo D11; 355-405 hp; 1250-1550 lb-ft torque Straight Torque; Eco-Torque, XE

Volvo D13; 375-500 hp; 1450-1850 lb-ft torque Straight Torque; Eco-Torque

I-shift 12 speed

Eaton Manual gearbox, 10, 13, 15 and 18 speed

Eaton AMT UltraShift

Allison, 5 and 6 speed