VNL 630

Just what you need in a mid-roof.

The VNL 630 is all about efficiency. This is a truck that loves the highway, and is designed to stay there, mile after mile, helping you make the most out of every drop of fuel. It’s particularly well suited for weight-conscious regional bulk haul and specialty applications.

Inside the 61" mid-roof sleeper, you’ll find plenty of space to handle the day-to-day demands, whether it’s catching up on paperwork, taking that meal break, or getting the rest you need. All to help you make your life on the road more comfortable, productive, and safe – because you’re not just delivering loads … you’re delivering on promises.

The VNL 630 can be delivered with these configurations:

Cabs & Sleepers Applications Engines Transmissions
Cabs and Sleepers Applications Engines Transmissions
61" Mid-Roof
Sleeper/Long Hood
Long Haul
Volvo D11:

355-405 hp
1250-1550 lb-ft torque

Volvo D13:

375-500 hp
1450-1850 lb-ft torque

Volvo D16:

500-600 hp
1650-2050 lb-ft torque

Cummins ISX15
400-550 hp
1850 lb-ft torque
Straight Torque
Smart Torque

I-Shift 12-speed


Eaton Fuller
Eaton AMT UltraShift ® Plus