Genuine Volvo Parts

Keeping your truck on the road.

Your Volvo truck is engineered for you, and built with attention to quality down to the smallest detail. When it is new and in original condition, it operates at peak performance and reliability. So why not keep it that way?

Genuine Volvo Parts help keep your truck on the road and available for work so that it can generate income. With the right parts and specifications, working in perfect harmony, you can also maintain your truck’s fuel efficiency to keep fuel costs and emissions down. All in all, Genuine Volvo Parts are vital to maximizing uptime and achieving the most profitable truck ownership possible.

Genuine quality and up-to-date know-how

Genuine quality and up-to-date know-how.

You can rest assured that we only use Genuine Volvo Parts to maintain original condition. All service is carried out by our highly skilled technicians, who are continuously trained to develop their expertise and keep up with the latest technological developments. Our workshops are also equipped with effective diagnostics systems and databases, the full range of special tools and the very latest service literature. When your truck comes to a Volvo workshop, we always inform you in advance about the recommended service, and when your truck will be ready for the road again.

The right parts

The right parts.
In the right place at the right time.

Volvo Trucks operates in more than 140 markets via a well-established network of quality workshops and dealerships. Volvo provides more than 100,000 parts. Our advanced logistics system ensures that you get the part you need quickly and easily through your Volvo dealer or at your Volvo workshop when it’s time for service. What’s more, we promise to supply all vital parts for your truck for at least 15 years after the model has ceased production, so that you can get maximum truck uptime for many years to come.

Value for money

Value for money.

The difference between excellent and poor quality goes far beyond appearance. You can’t see the choice of materials or tolerances, for example, but they make a big difference over the long run. We have rigorously tested our parts to ensure optimal performance and a perfect fit in your Volvo truck. This is why we can say with confidence that Genuine Volvo Parts give you the most value for money. You know that you can rely on them to interact flawlessly with the other components in the truck. With the Volvo warranty, including parts, labour and consequential damage, you also get ultimate protection.