Whatever you need space for, here’s plenty.

More room for fuel

More room for fuel…

The more fuel you can carry, the less often you need to refuel. On the new Volvo FM, we’ve moved things around to make even more room for fuel. Numerous tank sizes are available and can be added in different combinations, increasing the possibility of carrying the maximum legal amount of fuel.

Volvo FM superstructure

…or complex superstructures

Some applications pose very specific demands on chassis layout. On the new Volvo FM, some of the chassis equipment can be moved out the way to make room for the superstructure, providing a flexibility that’s hard to match.

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Chassis layout features

A. The battery box.

We’ve moved the battery box 300 mm to make room for some 100–120 extra litres of fuel. But that’s not all. It can also be installed at the rear and moved out of the way completely (on air-suspended tractors). This corresponds to an additional 300 litres of fuel space, and facilitates body building.

B. The fuel tanks.

If you’re like most people, refuelling is something you want to do as cheaply and as seldom as possible. That’s why the Volvo FM can be equipped with a vast range of fuel tanks in different shapes, positions, heights, volumes and materials. Sizes range from 150 to 900 litres and can be combined in numerous ways to maximise your fuel capacity.

C. The Air Production Modulator (APM).

On tractors, the air compressor control unit has now been moved to the area between the chassis frames, providing more room for chassis-mounted equipment or fuel tanks.

D. The air tanks.

Depending on your truck’s specification, the air tanks can be installed in a multitude of different positions. This allows for even greater flexibility.

E. An empty chassis side.

If your superstructure requires it, it’s often possible to have your Volvo FM specified with all equipment on one side, so the bodybuilder can have the other side to himself.

Volvo FM 4x2 tractor chassis, top view
Volvo FM 6x2 rigid chassis, top view