Keep a closer watch on the load. From afar.

The electronically controlled suspension (ECS) improves driving comfort and helps making sure the cargo travels safely. ECS4 is the latest version and has brought even more possibilities, with the Work Remote as the most prominent example. You now have perfect control, regardless of whether you’re sitting behind the wheel or walking around the truck.

Loading and driving levels

5 levels for loading. 3 for driving.
All at your command.

ECS includes four bellows per axle (two for pusher axles), providing a virtually parallel lift of the chassis. You can easily set the height you prefer. The system lets you store five different docking heights, something that comes in handy when you arrive at a familiar loading bay ramp. You can also choose from three customisable driving levels, to optimise ground clearance or aerodynamics.

Even load distribution

Keeping the chassis steady.
And the load in place.

ECS steadily keeps the chassis level, regardless of how the cargo is distributed. It prevents sideway rolling, making sure the truck is always in balance. The Work Remote also allows you to manually compensate for side kneeling.

Load indicator screenshot

Load indicator.
Accurate and easy to overview.

Intuitive menus and displays let you see exactly how the load is distributed along the vehicle. Weights, axle loads and bogie loads are all specified separately, so you can easily make sure they are within the limits, on the truck as well as on the trailer. Calibration is easy too. You can fine-tune both truck and trailer, for accurate measurements at all times.

The Work Remote.

Balance it all with your fingertips.
Cut the wire. With the Work Remote in your hand, you can control the air suspension manually while walking around freely.

Control your equipment.
Start and stop the engine and up to four PTOs. You can also adjust engine speed, and store the rpm setting for quick access.

Turn the lights on.
Do you have work lights, beacons or specific lights from the bodybuilder? Use the Work Remote to switch them on or off.

Add functions from the bodybuilder.
Depending on superstructure, you can control several other functions. All are easily accessible through the menus, and can have the same icons as the buttons on the dashboard.

Use it as a door key.
Yes, it is a bit bigger than the regular key fob, but still. It’s quite convenient to be able to lock and unlock the cab doors without putting down the remote.

Integrated tail lift controls.
No need to carry around two remote controls. The upgraded Work Remote allows you to conveniently raise and lower the tail lift.

Markus Olsson on what you can do with the Work Remote