Volvo FM remote control
Designed in a town with 776 mm of rainfall a year

To discover what the Volvo FM’s new Work Remote is all about, we are introduced to a young component specialist by the name of Markus Olsson. “This is the perfect all-weather application for frequent loading and unloading, even here in wet and windy Gothenburg,” he says enthusiastically.

“The remote control is designed to make the driver’s life easier and safer,” says Markus Olsson. “Not only can they switch the engine on and off and rev up with it, but the device also gives drivers full control over load distribution across the axles. They don’t have to run back and forth to check the load indicator during loading. This is especially useful when they’re working on their own. All they need to do is attach the unit to their belt clip, and they have a portable electronic assistant. And because we’ve provided an interface for a tail-lift, the driver needs just one device instead of two.”

You can’t go for a swim with it

The remote control remembers loads

Some loading bays are tricky. Inclines and irregular surfaces make it difficult to bring the truck level with them. But as Markus Olsson points out, the new remote control removes most of the stress. “The driver can use the device and the Volvo FM’s air suspension to lower or raise the truck, tip it sideways and lengthwise, if Volvo FM remote controlnecessary. This data can then be saved on the remote control’s memory. So when the driver returns to the same loading bay, he or she can recall the settings immediately. Up to five different settings can be memorised.”

Your device, your way

“For different truck applications there’s an auxiliary control with five digital input channels. These allow the driver to check the status of a range of indicators, including on/off, temperature, warnings, status reports to name a few,” says Markus Olsson.

“With this remote control, Volvo has allowed the bodybuilders to connect the special devices each driver needs.” And the driver does not even have to be inside or next to the truck to use the remote control. “With free sight, I’ve used the device as far as 100 metres from the vehicle. Naturally, in a busy warehouse the range will be shorter,” Markus Olsson points out.

Don’t be afraid of heights or water

When you design equipment for truck drivers, tough is a good adjective to include in the specification. Markus explains what tough means for the new remote control. “It’s tough enough to work in extreme temperatures, from -40°C to 85°C. And you can drop it onto a flat surface from two metres, and the device will still work.”

But how does the new unit respond to water? “You can’t go for a swim with it,” Markus concludes with a smile, “but if you use Markus Olssonit in a heavy downpour, you have nothing to worry about.”

My Truck is in my pocket

“My Truck changes the relationship between me and my truck,” says transport solution expert, Jarkko Aine. He’s talking about a new smartphone app that lets drivers check gauges such as fuel, AdBlue and oil levels. But what Jarkko Aine thinks will be most popular is the opportunity to set up the cab climate in advance – from wherever the driver happens to be. This way the heater and/or cooler can have the ideal temperature ready and waiting for the driver.

“You can set it up according to a weekly schedule or use it on the fly. And you can even use it to check if you’ve locked and alarmed the vehicle if you’re prone to forgetting.” Jarkko Aine points out that My Truck is currently available for iOS devices but says that Android is in the pipeline.

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