Transport information

Because information makes the difference

Nowadays, information is a means of competitiveness in the transportation business. Keeping track of a fleet is necessary to maintain a clear overview of the operations, and exact information make it easier for everybody involved in the transport chain to make the right decisions.

Transport information systems gives you full control whatever the size of your fleet. The bottom-line is increased revenue through improved utilisation, and lower operating expenses through fuel control and optimised administration.

Volvo Trucks supply a range of transport information systems which helps you connect to your fleet and keep track of deliveries, vehicles and drivers. Based on the latest digital, wireless communication technologies, the integrated systems are available in several designs and with a high level of customisation.

In Europe, we offer Dynafleet - the market's only turnkey transport information system. In the US, we offer the unique satellite-based communications system Volvo Link as well as Volvo Trip Manager, which is a software program that tracks and reports on the performance of your vehicles. Volvo Trip Manager is also available in Brazil.

To find out how you can stay connected to your fleet, please select your location to the right for an overview of the transport information systems available there.

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