If it is possible to own a word, Volvo owns the word Safety. It’s who we are. It is built into our brand heritage and culture. It’s a significant part of the Volvo DNA 
Safety is the kind of work that never stops. That’s why we’ve painstakingly compiled accident data since 1969. That’s almost 50 years of continuous analysis from more than 1700 accidents. It’s a huge commintment and one that we take very seriously.  
We’re in the lab, we’re in the design studio, we’re in the engineering department and we are in the cab you drive. Not to mention all the organisations we talk to in order to promote better safety awareness. The list goes on and it’s why we can say with certainty that we are: Driving progress in safety. 
But today’s safety requirements may well be different to those of tomorrow. In a fast-changing world the demands are changing all the time. What will safety look like in tomorrow’s world? We have some very good theories, but nobody can be 100% certain. 
But whatever it turns out to be, we will be there to not only take on the challenge but also share what we know, making the environment safer for you, other drivers, road users and pedestrians. Every day.

Driving progress in safety


3 major developments within
Volvo Dynamic Steering

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Stop Look Wave Stories

Over 50 000 children have learnt to stop and wave

The “Stop, Look, Wave” campaign just keeps growing and growing. Over 50,000 children all over the world have learnt road safety with the help of Volvo Group staff, and the campaign is now being awarded the Group’s internal prize for safety....

Success for Stop Look Wave in Finland

More than 2,500 children in southern Finland have been on a road safety course. Thanks to haulage company owner Patrik Björkman and the Volvo Group’s “Stop, Look, Wave” campaign, they now know how to behave around trucks....

Join our campaign – and save kids lives

Every year, more than 260,000 children under the age of 19 die in traffic accidents. We need to do all we can to prevent this from happening, and this is why we make our interactive education material available to all....

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