We’ve been committed to social, environmental and economic responsibility – in one form or another – since the day we opened for business.

Corporate social responsibility is part of the Volvo Trucks culture and is a basis for the confidence and credibility that our brand enjoys.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) creates value for our customers, employees, shareholders and society. And contributes to long-term sustainable development. Our CSR activities are based on three key pillars: Economic Responsibility, Social Responsibility and Environmental Responsibility.


By people, for people

Social responsibility

By people. For people

We’re part of people’s lives. The thousands of people who work for us. The hundreds of thousands who supply to us. And the millions who interact with our trucks every day.

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Minimise carbon footprints

Environmental responsibility

Minimise carbon footprints

Protecting the environment is the biggest challenge we face. That’s why we’re so committed to environmental responsibility. And have been for more than 40 years.

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Download the Modern slavery statement 2018 PDF.

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Economic responsibility

Economic responsibility

Caring pays off for everybody

Our business needs to be economically responsible. It also needs to be profitable, sustainable and provide value for our shareholders. Together, economic responsibility and business profitability form the foundations that our social and environmental responsibilities rest on.

To create value for our shareholders, we need to create value for our customers. Which we do by providing premium products and services that make our customers more competitive, productive and ultimately more profitable. This strategy also contributes to the development and growth of societies across the world.

Sound risk management and sustainable business practices are also part of our economic responsibility. We have a Code of Conduct that governs our business ethics, prevents corruption and steers us on accounting and reporting, sales and marketing, fair competition and insider trading. It also ensures neutrality towards political parities and candidates.